What is Markem-Imaje's culture?


At Markem-Imaje, we believe that the right strategy and a strong culture contribute to sustainable performance to deliver customer and shareholder value. Our culture has always been an integral part of who we are as a company, connecting the curious nature that gave us our start, and the spirit of innovation that moves us forward.

Whether serving our customers or working together as a team, we all collaborate to build a unique company delivering unparalleled products created and supported by people who represent a wealth of cultures and experiences.

The way we act and interact is based on trust, respect, and a firm belief that we can lead change. 


Thinking differently is in our DNA. We help companies in whole new ways, and our technology empowers innovation like never before. We continuously challenge the status quo, think outside of the box, and pursue initiatives that have won credibility across our industry. We are for people who like to win. We encourage employees to reach new heights and fully leverage their talents.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We owe our global growth to the talented employees who contribute to our development, all of whom are driven by a single mindset: a spirit of entrepreneurship. This has been integral to our operating and management methods from the onset and fosters personal initiative and encourages creativity.


In a changing world, we are constantly watching for new and smarter ways to do things. We are decisive and execute with efficiency and discipline. We adapt in response to internal changes and external factors and develop solutions quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities. We strive to design and implement processes that enable us to operate nimbly and effectively.

Straight-forward / Open communications

We promote relationships founded on mutual trust. This philosophy is based on transparency in our dialogue, being open to others, and respect for what makes us different. It creates the conditions for federated improvements, a core factor in personal and collective success.


Leadership cannot be attained without exemplary ethical behaviors. That commitment is deeply rooted in our organization and philosophies which stand for universal values of responsibility, transparency, and respect for people and cultures. We never compromise our integrity and take responsibility for upholding our reputation.

Customer focus

We recognize that our customers are the very reason for our success, and we are committed to listen and respond to their needs.

What makes us different?


The potential of our industry

Markem-Imaje is at the forefront of a rapidly expanding field. At the same time, we have a longstanding history of success, as well as an established platform for making a difference for our customers.

Our ability to Inspire

We do not believe in the status quo. At Markem-Imaje, you can experience the excitement of working with inspiring people on challenging global projects in an environment with high job satisfaction and impactful deliverables.

Our rewarding opportunities

We recognize that you do not want to be in the same role forever – As a mid-sized company with location across the globe, we offer a plentiful opportunity to learn new skills by taking on different responsibilities and incorporating dynamic global projects.

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