Why choose Markem-Imaje


All businesses, from an entrepreneur with a growing brand to a large firm with an established global presence, are looking to optimize operations, increase customer satisfaction and comply with obligatory regulations. At Markem-Imaje, our unique range of coding solutions will help you build a smarter, better-integrated business.

Whether you need data control software solutions, fully inclusive pallet tracking, permanent codes or food grade inks, our proven expertise in advanced coding technologies will maximize the efficiency of your packaging line, strengthen your digital supply chain, and support the future growth of your business.


Expert in coding equipment and software solutions for product traceability
Broadest geographical coverage in the coding and marking industry
Most comprehensive product and technology portfolio
850+ highly qualified service engineers worldwide
A passionate team of talented professionals, always up for a challenge
Innovation-driven and environment-friendly mindset since 1997


What can you expect from us?


Increase efficiency while reducing costs and downtime

  • Extensive selection: benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of printing and coding hardware, software and consumables. Choose from an array of solutions adaptable for all packing levels (unit, case and pallet).
  • Digital connectivity: receive real-time alerts of printer problems, performance indicators and dashboards, sent straight to your mobile devices.
  • Increased productivity: data gathered by printers and other line equipment allows you to measure, report and act on your overall equipment efficiency (OEE) KPIs.
  • Improved time management: lengthy waiting times for consumables or parts are reduced or eliminated thanks to integral operational services and advanced trouble-shooting tools.

Reduce waste and increase output

  • Reliable codes: regardless of the manufacturing environment, our hardware, software and consumables ensure consistently legible and correct codes.
  • Automatic cleaning: neat, hassle-free equipment start ups and clear codes reduce waste.
  • Intelligent systems: our software returns printheads to the exact same position after a cleaning or maintenance procedure, eliminating downtime from reconfiguration.
  • Automatic error identification: our Mark & Read software solution identifies errors in real time so you can intervene before additional products are incorrectly marked.
  • Packaging integrity confirmation: the digital logistics data of both the printed product and its packaging is confirmed before shipping to verify correct order fulfillment.

Protect your brand

  • Complete traceability: thanks to comprehensive and seamlessly integrated data management, label products with a unique and traceable ‘e-fingerprint’ to support your anti-diversion and anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • Combined codes: aggregate multiple product codes into a single barcode, allowing you to trace backwards from the unique code of a product ‘child’ to the code of a product ‘parent’.
  • Traceability data reports: benefit from traceability reports that include real-time data communications.
  • Full control: use the CoLOS® Application Toolkit to design turnkey control processes and interfaces that meet the exact needs of your production line.
  • Automatic verification: prevent costly recalls by automatically confirming the accuracy of the information printed on your products.

Customer-driven innovation

The development of our innovative products and unique solutions is driven by the diverse needs and feedbacks of our diverse customers.

  • Intelli’Swap: makes changing an all-in-one M6’ ink circuit so simple that it can be done in less than six minutes.
  • Intelli’Ink: ensures optimal coder performance and flexibility when coding different packaging materials.
  • Intelli’Jet: guarantees clean, hassle-free start ups and quality codes by working in tandem with an automatic cleaning system.
  • Intelli’Cool: a unique system for laser coders that prevents overheating during high performance cycles, minimizes line stoppages and provides an industry-leading mean time between failures up to 60,000 hours.
  • Intelli’Arc: uses patented scribing technology to code 30% faster than conventional vector lasers.

Proven and compliant consumables

We have a proven track record of anticipating and responding to stringent regulatory and safety requirements, all while minimizing our impact on the environment.

  • Our highly skilled chemists deliver consistent consumables that you can trust to meet rigid quality standards, meaning you will scrap fewer products due to illegible codes.
  • Genuine Markem-Imaje consumables are calibrated to work exclusively with our printers, meaning that they also protect your production line by minimizing maintenance and changeovers compared to when using third-party supplies.

Equipment efficiency optimization

The successful sale and delivery of your product depends on having the correct, legible code on the right package.

  • Markem-Imaje delivers best-in-class printers and coders, as well as software, consumables, and services that help you maximize your overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • By increasing the efficiency of your production line and minimizing your downtime, our portfolio of services allows you to spend more time focusing on what matters—your business.


See what our customers recently say about our industrial solutions



Huevos Guillén Group | Precise coding for an exemplary company

Huevos Guillén Group has chosen the Markem-Imaje 9450 inkjet printer to code eggs, to reduce operating costs, and to optimize the work of line operators.


LAPP | High-performance cabling solutions

To update their coding system, LAPP teamed up with Markem-Imaje to develop a cutting-edge solution that couples black ink and white ink printers on each line.


Irish Fish Canners | Precision coding for premium fish

Irish Fish Canners upgraded to a Markem-Imaje SmartLase C350 BOU to meet its rigorous coding requirements. This solution is highly reliable, producing consistent, quality codes at high speeds in even the most challenging packaging environments.
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