Technologies to code on plastic bottles

Ultrafast coding and a choice between permanent or removable codes for plastic bottles

Your challenges

Printing on beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, and cosmetics containers are very common coding and marking applications for plastic bottles. Marking on plastic bottles must meet certain standards and requirements that depend on the plastic material, the speed of the production line, and the intended use of a product.


Our offer

The robust SmartLase C150S and C350S laser coders are one of two major technologies for coding plastic bottles, and they can code more than 100,000 plastic bottles per hour. These coders can be easily integrated into high-speed production lines that require permanent coding for traceability purposes. The SmartLase C150S and C350S achieve maximum print contrast on plastic materials and use proprietary crossless fonts to prevent bottle perforation. 

Our ultrafast 9450 S continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer is another option for coding on plastic bottles. This printer is dedicated to beverage production lines and can produce a two-line code on 120,000 containers or packs per hour. We offer the most high-tech CIJ inks on the market, as well as specialty inks that can be removed by caustic soda, designed for customers looking to reuse their plastic bottles. 


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