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100% readable codes ensure product traceability with inks specially designed for coding on glass for the food and beverage industries


YOUR CHALLENGE: Coding on glass applications commonly represent printing on food, beverage, and cosmetics containers. These products are often filled into glass bottles due to the superior protection, product positioning, and taste preservation this material provides. Inks for such products must meet safety and hygiene guidelines and may have additional special requirements, such as being alkali-soluble for printing on returnable bottles.

OUR OFFER: we have a variety of coding on glass solutions for each need.  

The SmartLase C350 laser reduces your operating expenses thanks to ink-free operations. This glass marking machine creates permanent, sharp codes on glass that are ideal for anti-counterfeiting measures, such as a branded vodka that is not on a fast production line.

Alternatively, the ultrafast 9450 S continuous inkjet printer is specially designed for the beverage industry and for priting on glass bottles. It can produce a two-line code on 120,000 containers or packs per hour, and its hygienic stainless-steel design is able to withstand regular washing. 
Though it does not directly touch the food, ink applied to the outside of food containers must meet safety requirements, such as being MEK (ketone) free. Returnable glass bottles also require a special alkali-soluble ink that must remain 100% readable until the bottle is returned, but can then be removed and replaced with a new code once it is refilled. For these and other specialized needs, we offer a wide selection of inks, including a unique white ink, to suit glass bottles of different colors. 



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For Sanpellegrino, the goal is product excellence and guaranteed consumer safety. See how Markem-Imaje coding solutions help the largest Italian beverage company. 


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